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Wizard Slayer

version: kr - year: 2002 - developer: fz media - publisher: gamepark- format: gp32, smart media smc - condition: mint - rarity: very

Wizard Slayer is a polished effort


A nice portable Cotton-like seeide-scrolling shooter...


Wizard Slayer is fun while it lasts




Review - Wizard Slayer is a nice side scrolling shooter with excellent graphics all around reminiscent of Cotton.

Levels are very colorful, the scrolling is smooth and the parallax layers are a definite plus. On the bad side, some levels seem to go by uneventfully, as they stretch for what seems to be a long time. Also, the enemies you will face are very detailed and well animated but they should have been more varied.

Gameplay is typical as you will go through 6 levels in a variety of areas from forests to caverns and you will fly over icy or lava covered landscapes but the leveling up system for the weapons will bring in some kind of twist to the game. You can collect a maximum of 9 special upgradeable weapons. Even if some weapons look really cool (like for ex. the lightning strikes), I found myself using over and over the same weapon, the fireballs (which is the 1st one you will get…).

Interestingly, you will have to watch out for your mana level as pecial weapons deplete your mana points. To avoid running out of mana and be more vulnerable, you will have to alternate between the standard weapon, which is fast, a bit underpowered but doesn't use mana points and the special weapons which are very powerful but suck up mana points quickly.

For a handheld game, Wizard Slayer is a respectable effort. Be warned though: the difficulty levels is low. Very low. I finished the game the 1st time I loaded it and I never died. Your character has a huge health bar so you can take multiple hits and still survive. Plus, the game is overly generous with health and mana potions so I guess the real challenge in this game is actually managing to lose a life :)

Bottom line: A technically accomplished Cotton clone which is unfortunately too easy...7/10










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