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Tomak Save the Earth, Again

version: pal - year: 2004 - developer: seed9 - publisher: virgin play - format: gp32 - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

The European version is actually pre-patched and enhanced, as the first Korean release was apparently insanely difficult and was subsequently patched.


Tomak Save the Earth Love Story
That's what a pot-head looks like in Korea :)

Review - Tomak is a parodic side-scrolling shooter by Korean developer Seed9.

It is based on the obscure previous game of the series which was some kind of weird PS2 dating-sim called Tomak Save the Earth Love Story in which you could apparently plant a number of plants with human heads (scroll down and see pic on the left for proof!).

This would also explain why in this shooter, the sprite you control has such a huge SD head.

The cartoony graphics are reminiscent of Metal Slug and the gameplay is a mix between traditional and bullet hell-type shooters.

I didn’t like the handling of the main sprite too much as it is a bit bulky, it takes screen-space and makes dodging bullets unnecessarily harder, but with only 4 levels to go through, that's not an issue in the end.

Interestingly, Tomak was also released for Windows PCs, and it seems to have an extra level in that version.

Bottom line: The intricacies of the backgrounds and the huge bosses (including massive slowdown) are certainly worth seeing, but don't feel too bad if you skip this one. 7/10










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