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Halley Wars

version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: taito - publisher: sega - format: gamegear, cartridge - condition: fair - rarity: uncommon

Review - Halley Wars is an unusual vertical shooter developed by Taito first on Famicom Disk System (FDS), and later ported to Game Gear.

Strangely, this game never saw the light on the Master System.

This version has better resolution and better colors compared to the FDS version, although this could be hard to notice on the tiny and blurry GG screen.

What is cool about Halley Wars is that if you let some of the meteors past your ship, they will gradually damage Planet Earth. If you let enough of them past you and don't shoot them down, Earth damage will eventually reach 100%, at which point the game ends regardless of your remaining stock of lives. So you have to focus both on surviving and on defending Earth.

Halley Wars is a shooter with a cool little concept behind it, well executed and playable.

Bottom line: Keep it on your radar if you are looking for a decent GG shooter. 7/10










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