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GG Aleste Galvanic Gunner

version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: compile - publisher: sega - format: game gear cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: very

The 2nd best GG shooter


The intro is short but attractive


GG Aleste is well done, but it doesn't manage to stand out


Backgrounds are diverse but very simple


Bonus areas give you the opportunity to gain several extra lives


Bosses with mini-turrets are the series trademark

Review - Galvanic Gunner?! Not sure what it means but it sounds cool, I love Japanese shooters hehe...

Anyways, after what seems to have been a lifetime, I was finally able to find GG Aleste which is one of the rarest and most expensive games on the Sega GameGear. A few legitimate questions should pop up…

Was it worth the time spent on searching for it? Was it worth the cash? The short answer is ‘no', while the real answer is ‘sort of'.

This is not to say that GG Aleste is a bad game but since I played basically all of the Aleste instalments across all platforms (except the cell phone release), I can say that this GameGear chapter doesn't really add much to the series. Don't get me wrong though because this is still a very good game but it simply lacks truly memorable moments and it overall feels like another vertical shooter by-the-textbook.

This means that both the audio-visuals and gameplay are well done but once completed, the game will leave you with an unpleasant feeling of emptiness. Graphically, GGAleste offers a fluid scrolling, fast action and decent weapons. Some of the bosses feature the typical bullet pattern found in Compile games, which is a good thing while backgrounds are diverse but also very simply drawn.

The music and sound effects don't stand out particularly but they do their job well enough while gameplay is typical Aleste-stuff. Nothing is actually wrong in this game, but having played GGAleste II on the same system, I found this first chapter to be a bit redundant.

Everything that GGAleste does, the sequel does better (and at half the price!). Despite this, GGAleste is still the second-best shooter on the system, and overall it is a good little game which only fault is that of being eclipsed by its sequel. In the end, GGAleste tends to be a bit too generic for its own good and the usual tedium of the blurry GameGear screen doesn't help either if you plan to complete the game also on hard mode.

My personal advice? Get it if you are a collector, but as a gamer I find it difficult to recommend such an expensive game. What's on offer doesn't really repays of the time and money spent on getting it. What I'm trying to say here is that this is no portable Recca!

Bottom line: The rarest shooter on GameGear along with Panzer Dragoon Mini is also one of the best....8/10











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