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GG Aleste II aka Power Strike II

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: compile - publisher: sega - format: game gear cartridge - condition: near mint - rarity: very

PowerStrike II on GG


PowerStrike II on SMS


This flying piece of junk doesn't seem to make much sense but it is lethal


Levels are varied and beautifully drawn


GG Aleste II is so good I can't even find the right words to do it justice


Bosses are big and often challenging


This guy will take many bullets before going down. Try not to waste bombs on him because he has another form which is harder to defeat


The anime style of the character design is just awesome and it blends perfectly with the rest of the game

Review - GG Aleste II is the sequel of GG Aleste and came out only in Japan and Europe as Power Strike II.

To my knowledge, it is very different from the Master System version of Power Strike II. What is really strange though is that when I inserted the GG Aleste II cartridge into my European GameGear, the title screen said…Power Strike II instead of GG Aleste II...Maybe the software recognizes the region of the GG hardware it is running on, a bit like Neo CD games.

This vertical shooter is simply mind-boggling. The spectacular graphical quality must be seen to be believed. For example, the ultra fast scrolling is actually so fast that the GameGear screen can't really keep up with it (the usual tedium of the blur effect) but luckily, it slows down after the initial boost!

Backgrounds include enough detail as to look interesting while there are even some levels with a gorgeous parallax effect (I know, it's mainly clouds but still, we are talking 8bit hardware here…). Bosses are huge considering the little GG screen and they have a cool, mean design like a fusion between man and machine and they are somewhat reminiscent of what you would find in Contra Spirits.

You have one smart bomb at your disposal for each of your ships but it is truly devastating and spectacular. Drop it and the screen will literally implode with an amazing deformation effect. The first time I saw it, I just couldn't believe this was happening on my GameGear!

The music is also top-notch. It is spacy and evocative and it sounds very appropriate. The GameGear sound chips are once again put to good use :)

Gameplay really shines. The ship's handling is beyond reproach while the game is challenging but always fair. Weapons are a sight to behold and they can be powered up big time, resulting in breathtaking kaleidoscopical graphical excesses, Xenon II Megablast style. This game is so beautiful in motion and so fun and addictive to play that I would say it is the ultimate killer application for Sega's 8bit portable system. Oh by the way, I almost forgot to mention that Compile threw in a couple of bonus levels to add some variety. The view switches to behind the ship (Space Harrier -style) but honesly, they are just mildly fun. Sure they certainly were impressive back at the time (considering the format too) but today, they just look a bit too simplistic.

Anyways the bottom line is if you own a GG and don't have this game, you might as well throw your system in the trash can! You really need to hunt down this little gem because it will make you the happiest GameGear owner of the planet… Enough said now, I hope you got the point of the review!!

Bottom line: sofar one of the best shooters on any portable console...10/10











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