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Soul Calibur II

version: jp - year: 2003 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: game cube, mini dvd - condition: mint - rarity: common

SC2 art book.

Review - After the amazing Dreamcast version, Soul Calibur comes back into our homes via a 3 ports policy.

Playstation2, X-Box and Gamecube all have their versions with their own distinctive mascot character. Ps2 owners can use Heihachi, who is strong but doesn't carry any weapon, X-Box owners can unleash Spawn's arsenal, and GameCube owners can use Link!

Other than the specific character, the 3 versions are actually pretty similar even if apparently, the X-Box version is the one that looks more polished.

Soul Calibur II is probably the best 3D fighter on gamecube as it features incredibly detailed fighters and arenas and very balanced gameplay. If you already played the Dreamcast version a lot though (as I did) you might find this new chapter to be very nice but actually not groundbreaking. The DC version was really ahead of its time, and it was to be expected that this new chapter couldn't really go beyond it by much. Still today, playing the DC version on the VGA box provides an experience very close to that of Soul Calibur II...

Bottom line: an outstanding 3d fighting game maybe not really suited to the gamecube contoller but still very impressive. Link's inclusion in the characters roster makes this version the one to own...9/10










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