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Star Wars Rebel Strike: Rogue Squadron III

version: usa, w/ bonus disk - year: 2003 - developer: factor 5 - publisher: lucas arts - format: game cube, mini dvd - condition: mint - rarity: slight












Review - "Press the B button to call on the Force"

As I landed in the swamp planet of Dagobah, the surrounding marsh and the creepy noises coming from the surrounding trees alerted my senses. I was tense, ready to take out any hostile presence that might pop out. From the mist, a dwarf-like figure materialized. A curious silhouette with spiky ears and green skin transpierced my soul with his huge inquisitive eyes. Right then I realized I was under test. When I was asked to use the B button to call on the force, I was shook by a violent laughter and I couldn't help but drop my pad, switch the power off and call it even for the day...

If the meticulous reconstruction of a believable Star Wars universe was a priority for Factor 5, they sure did an excellent effort by blending gorgeous looking graphics with footages from the Star Wars Trilogy movies, but having to hear Yoda in a solemn voice ask me to "press the B button to call on the Force" ruined the whole atmosphere...

Aside from this episode, I had a good time playing Rebel Strike on GC. The mission-based structure of the game is a welcome feature for people (like me!) who don't have much time to have huge gaming sessions.

Graphically, the flying sections are among the best visuals found on Nintendo's console, but the on-foot sections are far from being fun. Actually, they are totally un-fun for the most part and even if graphically they look ok, they play horribly. Camera issues and boring level design will make you want to get back in space as soon as possible. This is not to say that Rebel Strike is a bad game though. Some levels are really entertaining and the medals system will make you want to play missions again and again just to unlock special levels or features. In some levels, there are tons of things going on at once and this really contributes to recreate a very cool feeling of authenticity. Controlling a walker while shooting on-foot targets while battles rage in the sky is awesome! It feels like being part of a lively universe, burgeoning with life and activity.

It's too bad some levels aren't really up to the over-all quality of the game but Star Wars fans will probably get over it since the good out-weights the bad in Rebel Strike. So grab your pad Luke, and press the B button to call on the force :)

The bonus disk includes some interesting goodies such as Atari's Star Wars arcade game from 1982 (the sequel is also available for unlocking in the main disk), game trailers, concept art and a Rebel Strike demo. Too bad most of the stuff is already present in the game itself, so this Disk is kind of worthless...Was given for free to all pre-orders.

Bottom line: An overall pleasant game based on a timeless trilogy. Some of the games flaws will be excused by most Star Wars fans. 7/10.










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