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Metal Gear Solid the Twin Snakes

version: usa - year: 2004 - developer: silicon knights - publisher: konami - format: game cube, 2 mini dvds - condiion: mint - rarity: common

































Review - The Twin Snakes is a reworked version of the original Metal Gear Solid that first appeared on Playstation.

New to this GC-only version is an overhauled graphical look, some game-play elements imported from Metal Gear 2, new and improved cut-scenes and a horrible game cover (for the US vers. at least). The game comes on 2 disks.

Graphically, Canadian developer Silicon Knights has done a good job. Jaggies, pixilated graphics and distorted textures are now a thing of the past. MGS has been modernized for the 21st century and it shows. One thing that somewhat bothered me a little though is the excessive use of gray in the colors. Everything is gray and this makes thing look a bit washed out. Aside from that, I thought the in-game sequences looked good and the new ones are actually great and feature lots of slow-mo and bullet dodging scenes, Matrix-style.

The music, sound effects and dialogues are movie-quality stuff and they really do contribute to enhance the cinematic feel of the game. Curiously, I noticed that Mei Ling (the codec operator in charge of your saved data) has a brand new voice. In the original game, she speaks with a marked Japanese accent whereas now she has a different voice and sounds American.

Game-play is very similar to that of MGS2. So you can expect an insane amount of story telling, obscure acronyms and characters that keep changing sides! Peculiar to this GC version are a number of interesting additions, borrowed from MGS2: for example, bodies of your victims won't just disappear from the floor but you will rather have to dispose of them. Hide them in the lockers or just throw them in the ocean to leave no traces. The 1st person mode has been definitely enhanced as well. It isn't choppy like it used to be in the original MGS and now it allows you to use weapons. These changes might appear like small things but they actually enhance the game-play a lot. Psycho Mantis boss-fight is VERY original. He can read your mind and knows all of your moves in advance... I will only say that he will also express a judgement on how you played up until meeting him. I turned out to be a careful player because I saved often :)

Peculiar to Twin Snakes are also some very funny Easter eggs like cameo appearances of Mario, Yoshi and a powered-on purple GC! This will happen right after a very gory fighting scene and I must say that it is kind of shocking to see some Nintendo characters appear in a very violent and adult game like MGS. This really says it all about the continuing changes Nintendo is wanting to imprint on its image.

Other cool things among others include references to Silicon Knights own action game Eternal Darkness and the chance to compare your score to that of other MGS players worldwide. Upon finishing the game, you'll be given a code. Go to the Metal Gear Solid site, insert the code and see how you fared compared to the other players! A very nice touch indeed!

To conclude, MGS the Twin Snakes is more of the same if compared to MGS2 but it is certainly worth the detour if you haven't played the Playstation's original.

Bottom line: an excellent rendition of the original game. The extras might not be enough to play through the game a second time though if you already played it on Playstation ....8/10










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