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Metroid Prime

version: usa - year: 2002 - developer: retro studios - publisher: nintendo - format: game cube, mini dvd - condition: mint - rarity: common



























Review - I must admit that Prime is the 1st Metroid game I played. Sure, I own a couple of other chapters that appeared on other consoles but I really never found the time (motivation?) to go through them. This is just to say that I am no Metroid expert.

That said, I would like to point out that American developer Retro Studios did an incredible job at adapting the 1st person perspective typical of FPS (First Person Shooter) to the classic Metroid stucture and gameplay.

In effect, all of the trademark ingredients of the saga are back in this chapter. The play area is made out of a huge map that has different sections that can be accessed only upon obtaining the necessary power up or skill (much like in the latter Castlevania games) .

Also, there is a very significant share of platforming action, and some minor puzzle solving sections. If you expected Prime to be a straight FPS like Halo, you will be disappointed. The action isn't nearly as furious, especially in earlier sections.

Graphically, Prime is impressive since the different areas are well differentiated and there are some nice touches such as water droplets on your visor when you walk in and out of the water or beautifully made lighting effects that will have you just stand around stupidly and stare at the light in awe! Everything is not perfect though because if compared to Halo on XBOX, the environments aren't nearly as refined plus they just lack the scale of Bungie's masterpiece.

The music and sound-effects are very appropriate and they do manage to convey a sense of mystery and alien threat.

Gameplay appears to be very sophisticated at first as each and every button of the GC pad has some sort of use. As you will progress in the game though, all of the new acquired skills will become second nature and you will be able to perform impressive maneuvers almost effortlessly! On a last note, the game difficulty level tends to become high, especially towards the end so you better power up as much as you can before battling key bosses. This will involve some serious back-tracking but luckily, revisiting previously explored areas is often rewarding as you will probably be able to reach areas that you couldn't reach before.

To finish the game at 74% and get the 1st ending (they are all pretty similar), it took me about 21 hours, so before starting this game, make sure to have the necessary time to enjoy it!

Bottom line: the first metroid game to land into fps territory is also one of the best. Highly recommended...8/10











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