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Chou Makaimura R aka Super Ghouls'nGhosts R

version: jp - year: 2002 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: gba, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Evil lurks in the darkness of the surrounding forest...


The remade levels have been masterfuly redesigned to take advantage of the GBA graphical capabilities


Bosses have identifiable patterns.


You are hopefully holding the secret weapon with you or else the princess won't grant you access to Sardius's hideout!


Atlantean ruins in the distance.... Specific to this GBA port are extra stages and a very handy SAVE feature (finally!)

Review - Capcom's classic saga known in the west as Ghosts'n Goblins / Ghouls'n Ghosts is now back in this GBA edition titled Chohmakaimura R (R stands for Rebirth, Return and Remix).

This GBA outing features the Super Famicom vers. plus some levels borrowed from Ghosts'n'Goblins, remade to take advantage of the GBA graphical capabilities.

Graphically,Super Ghouls'n Ghosts is faithfuly reproduced on Nintendo's portable powerhouse, but luckily slowdowns seem for the most part put to rest . As for the revised levels, there are only 4 of them but the graphical overhaul has been tremendous! In particular, the remake of the classic 1st level of Ghost'n Goblins features some excellent effects such as the moon zooming and rotating in the background. All 4 new levels are technically impressive.

The music is mostly from the Super Famicom vers, and the quality doesn't seem to be greater at all. The little tunes are catchy though and they still work well in the context.

Gameplay : This is where you will either hate it or love it. In fact, gameplay has not evolved in the slightest bit from the seminal 1991 Super Famicom vers. What this means is that even in the lowest difficulty level (beginner), you will experience a hard time only to complete the 1st level...Difficulty is set extremly high, and is particularly unforgiving, bordering at times total unfairness! There will be situations where it will be almost impossible to find a way out. Meaning you will die multiple times. At times, it will take literaly hours of extenuating attempts just to pass one particular point (and I am refering in particular to level 7).

I must aknowledge that Capcom has been kind enough though to include a very handy save feature. In effect, you will be able to save your postion at any given time, giving you the chance to start whenever you feel like it from the last checkpoint!

In addition, it must be noted that there are 2 game modes. Original and Arrange. Original consists on a straight port of SGNG while Arrange gives you 3 possible path to reach level 7. The 1st and the 3rd paths seem to bare no differences aside from a greater difficulty level found in the 1st path. The 2nd path features the 4 new levels. Now to access the different paths, you will have to complete the levels either with the green armor or with the golden armor. The green armor will grant you access to path 2 and 3 while the golden armor will let you chose from path 1 through 3. Personal thoughts I must say that back in the late '80s-early '90s, the industry had a very different approach to gameplay.

Today, Software Houses tend to create games that are more forgiving to the player. To tell you the truth, after the initial shock, I found the game to be quiet playable but I think that Capcom never gave this saga much importance. I would have really enjoyed to see new gameplay elements. Arthur could certainly benefit from having some more moves / abilities. As things stand, this game is still a great game but it is very slow paced. If we compare the evolution found in the Castlevania Saga for example, it becomes easily apparent how it managed to evolve for the better but still stay true to the spirit of the Saga itself. Capcom kept everything virtually unchanged for no apparent reason. Maybe instead of coming out every year with a new Mega Man game, they should put more time and effort to revive Arthur's saga?

Bottom line: A very nice revival with 4 new levels but it somewhat left me wanting for more....still excellent though! 9/10

The 1st boss of GnG makes a welcome return for this revival!










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