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Magical Chase GB

version: jp - year: 2001 - developer: micro cabin - publisher: micro cabin - format: gbc, cartridge - condition: near mint - rarity: very

Ported from the Pc Engine original.


Review - Nice little port of the PC Engine original with downgraded audio-visuals to fit the GBC lower specs.

If the music is indeed kind of painful to listen to, because it’s hard on the ears, the graphics are an entirely different matter. Smooth, colorful for the GBC standards and with plenty of smooth parallax scrolling! Level 5 even exhibits some astounding backgrounds deformation effects, and it is s hard to believe all this goodness is actually happening just on a GBC!

Gameplay is also entertaining, as controls are tight and responsive, while enemies are varied and fun to shoot down. Collect precious stones to earn money and spend it inside shops to purchase upgrades and extra lives, while navigating through 6 beautiful levels with a very nice magical, circus-like atmosphere. A very playable and beautiful shooter, even better than Cotton on Neo-Geo Pocket Color.

Bottom line: Recommended if you can find it! 9/10










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