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Iridion II

version: usa - year: 2003 - developer: shin'en - publisher: majestic - format: gba, cartridge - condition: good - rarity: common

GBA exclusive euro shooter


The intro and cut-scenes have a nice anime flavor.


The isometric view allows for some spectacular visuals.


There are 15 levels (3 planets for 5 galaxies)


Backgrounds look gorgeous although the level layout is a bit uneventful.


Fight a few bosses before the confrontation with the mainframe.

Review - After playing the “spiritual” sequels on DS, namely Nanostray 1 and 2, I was impressed enough to go back and look for the origins of the series on GBA.

Sequel of Iridion, Iridion II drops the Space Harrier camera angle for an isometric top view, somewhat reminiscent of Viewpoint. Needless to say, the graphics do have a very nice impact, and surprisingly enough, the camera angle doesn’t represent an obstacle in understanding where to shoot.

Smooth scrolling, nicely drawn background graphics (although sometimes a bit “fuzzy” looking, cool bosses, tight controls, varied power ups, the ability to drop smart bombs and to load up a special beam, R-Type style, all the ingredients for a great shooter seem to be here!

Even the music is quality stuff and uses the traditionally under-used GBA sound chips to great effect. Also, there are nice cut-scenes which include inspired manga-style drawings which are more than welcome. So what’s wrong?

Well, I felt Iridion II provided me with a generic gameplay experience. Maybe the boring alien waves pattern or the predictable level design somewhat hurt the overall fun factor. There are tons of levels, but they will start feeling “samey” very quickly.

Nothing is inherently wrong here, and everything looks and sounds great (especially the last boss) , but I just can’t shake off that feeling that Iridion II could have been a much better game, if more imagination had been put into the levels layout and aliens attack patterns.

Bottom line: As things stand, this game will certainly surprise you for the quality of the audio-visuals, but gameplay might leave you a bit cold, just like it did with me....7/10











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