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Iridion 3D

version: usa - year: 2001 - developer: shin'en - publisher: majesco - format: gameboy advance, cartridge - condition: good - rarity: slight


The first level is similar to the tunnel sections found in Super Stardust


as you fly towards the planet, it nicely zooms towards you


the fire level is highly spectacular


some bosses are huge and fill up the screen


the first boss looks interesting


ocean surfaces are beautifully drawn


above the clouds...

Review - Iridion 3D looks stunning, there is no doubt about that.

The 7 levels that make up the game look attractive, with nice colors, detailed graphics and spectacular-looking bosses. The viewing angle from the back is highly spectacular and reminiscent of Sega classic Space Harrier coin-op but it unfortunately also represents the main problem this game has. Your ship covers part of the view, so aiming can sometimes become a matter of guessing.

Moreover, it is often possible to avoid a fair amount of enemy waves just by flying at the top or the bottom of the levels, rendering the playing experience a bit void.

Iridion 3D is also kind of tough in some points but the password system kinds of balances things out.

The music is just like the graphics, excellent so in a word, this game surely represents one of the better-looking titles available for the GBA, but gameplay remains dubious.

Bottom line: beautiful tech-demo which isn't very fun to play. 6,5/10










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