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Masters of the Universe He-Man Power of GraySkull

version: usa - year: 2002 - developer: taniko - publisher: tdk mediactive- format: gba, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: no very





































Review - He Man, Skeletor Beast Man, Mer Man etc…Do you guys remember the Masters of the Universe? When I was a kid, I used to collect most (if not all) of the action figures along with the castles, the ships and all of the weird things that populated He Man's world. I still have all of them buried in some obscure part of my garage!

Well, what really bothered me at the time, is that there wasn't really a good Masters of the Universe game. Sure, there was a terrible C-64 action title but I actually never had the courage to go out and get it.

Years later, it was already 2002 (and I am getting old…) but what matters is that I found this game on the shelves. I got all excited for some reason, and knowing nothing about it, I decided to purchase it. Maybe the fact that there was a comic book inside with my favorite heroes of the past, or maybe because the price was right, I went for it.

Masters of the Universe is an isometric hack'n'slash, similar in concept to Gauntlet, but the similarities end here..

For starters, the intro is actually good since there is a brief cinematic of Adam turning into He-Man as he calls for "the power of GraySkull!". Once the game starts, you'll be controlling a rendered He-Man, in various levels where you basically need to activate switches to ultimately confront with the boss of the level. Obviously, bosses are Skeletor's Minions such as Beast Man, Clawful and the whole bunch. In some levels, you'll be riding Battle Cat in what is basically a so and so isometric shooter.

The graphics are nothing to write home about. I mean they are decent but nothing more while the art in the game is surprisingly good.

The music and the digital voices are very nice while the sound effects of some of the enemies are pretty lame.

Where this game really sinks into oblivion is gameplay. He Man has basically 1 move with his sword, and jumping is literally atrocious.

At times, platforming will be fundamental to reach certain spots and missing the jump (and consequently a life) because of awful programming is ridiculous. I guess there hasn't been a whole lot of playtesting…It's a shame because this game could have been enjoyable if jumping had been fixed.

As things stand, I would not recommend this game to anybody, unless you are a diehard He-Man fan of course :)

Bottom line: a decent looking isometric action game which suffers from subpar controls....5/10










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