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Gunstar Super Heroes

version: jp - year: 2005 - developer: treasure - publisher: sega - format: gba, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

This level will be familiar if you played the prequel on Genesis.


The action is dynamic and fast!


The music is this game is really epic!


Time for some crazy rotation effects...


Just like a board game, roll your dice and try to follow the path to the boss of the level.


The shmups sections are a welcome surprise.


The space station in the background will gradually zoom in as you'll eventually land on it


A great little sequel, which showcases the technical capabilities of the GBA hardware.

Review - Just like the prequel for Mega Drive / Genesis, Treasure and Sega teamed up again to deliver a memorable action game but this time on nintendo's portable handheld.

Gunstar Super Heroes on GBA will fill your eyes with huge bosses, never ending explosions and dynamic non-stop action.

The trademark inventive levels and bosses design returns and the relentless action is as entertaining as ever. Mind twisting zooming, rotations, and multi-layered parallax effects, quick changes of pace, and even some space shump action await for a quick shot of pure adrenaline. My only complaint? Maybe too short and easy mode is just too easy, but in the end, Gunstar Super Heroes is all about shock and awe. And of course, undiluted and mindless fun!

Bottom line: an action game you don't want to miss exclusive to the GBA...8/10











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