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Darius R

version: jp - year: 2002 - developer: rideon - publisher: pccw - format: gba, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon


Here is Mr. Electric Fan who would really love to skin me raw


Graphics aren't bad but I was expecting more from this chapter of Darius' long running saga




.....Electric Fan?! That is really hilarious, don't you think? I mean, I am in deep space, fighting some fishy alien race and all of a sudden, I get this message saying that I have to be careful 'cause some kind of mutant evil electric appliance from outer space is let loose on me and wants my life. I love videogames :)

Anyway, Darius R is a traditional side-scrolling 2D shooter that really sticks to the tradition. 'R' could stand for Revolution, Rebirth, Remix or whatever else you can come up with which starts with the letter "R" but in all honesty, forget all of the nice technical innovations you saw in Darius Gaiden and G Darius.

Darius R is very conservative and technically, it certainly doesn't push much the GBA chips. The game itself isn't bad but there is nothing that really stands out since is loosely based on the Pc-Engine game Darius Plus which is itself an expanded port of the venerable 1986 arcade game.

There is the usual array of levels that fork out, the usual set of fish-themed bosses, the usual gameplay. Bosses have very few frames of animations, and this is a major let-down especially compared to the previous games of the saga. Still, the game offers some moments of mild fun, accompanied by decent music. But it really seems like developer PCCW Japan didn't put much effort in it. Just to give you an example, upon finishing the game you will be rewarded with an extra-lame static screen-shot of your ship on a bare and colorless background. If you are a big time fan of the series, this game will entertain you without blowing your mind away. I had some fun out of it, and some stages do have pretty graphics but this isn't enough. If you love side-scrolling shooters, Darius represents a competent but unispired effort. You are better off getting the excellent Gradius Generation if you didn't already.

Bottom line: I don't see the reason to resurrect the old Darius game, a new chapter of the saga which takes advantage of the GBA technical capabilities would have been much preferable..6/10










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