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Dancing Sword

version: jp - year: 2003 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: gba, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: very

An interesting GBA title


Dancing Sword has appealing graphics


although gameplay could need some work





Review - At first glance, Dancing Sword seems to be a typical sidescrolling hack'n'slash but after a few areas that you have to clean up using your sword and some limited combos, you get the 1st real impact with what the game is about or maybe, should be about.

Some obstacles require you to perform some specific combo. These are achieved by pressing combinations of the A & B button sequentially. Timing is very important and very hard to get right. Chances are it will take you at least 15 min of attempts to pull it off…once! It is so ridiculously difficult, that it becomes tiring very quickly. You basically have 3 possible combos each with its own elemental power. According to the nature of the obstacle you will be facing, you will have to chose the right combo. Don't worry though, because after a few tries, the game will show you which elemental combo to use. There is also a handy feature that lets you see the full combo and you can use it for training purpose as every time you press the right button, the icon will change color, signaling you successfully pressed it at the right time. My advice is to pay attention to the war cries your heroine will utter after every successful move you perform. By doing so, you should be able to get the combo right.

By now, I have reached level 5 where there is a boss (I suspect it to be the last one) that requires you to kill it through the use of elemental combos but I haven't beat it yet because he attacks you in the meantime and throw at you some of his minions, so I find it pretty hard to find the time to perform the combo and especially to get the timing right in this condition!

The GBA shoulder buttons each do something different: With one, you can guard and with the other one, you can finish off opponents who lie on the floor. Personally, I enjoyed this game moderately.

The fighting is well done, and the levels have some nice parallax scrolling. What I find weird is that levels are circular and it's like Dancing Sword is not really a sidescroller. What I mean is that if you try running away from some monster, you will find it right in front of you after a few seconds…You can get out of an area only when you kill all of the enemies. I understand Dancing Sword tried to innovate in a tired genre, but I think the innovation hasn't been implemented correctly.

Bottom line: An interesting fantasy action game with a few neat ideas which could have been executed better....6/10










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