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Contra Advance

version: jp - year: 2002 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: gba, cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon






Review - Want to play Contra Spirits (Super Contra III) and Contra Hard Cops on the same cart? Get this one then!

The overhead levels of Contra Spirits are missing but they weren't that great anyway...

Also, the quality of the graphics varies widely. Contra Hard Cops graphics are of Mega Drive quality while Contra Spirits levels are of Super Famicom quality so this makes the game's cosmetics feel inconsistent and uneven throughout the game. It would have been better to upgrade the MD-ported levels to match the SFC-ported ones but this hasn't been the case.

As things stand, Contra Advance is still a cool-2D Contra game but it doesn't break new grounds.

Bottom line: A nice revival for nintendo's little portable console, but it's unfortunate it's not a brand new game...7/10










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