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Wrath of the Demon

version: pal (a500) , ntsc (cdtv) - year: 1990, 1992 - developer: abstrax - publisher: readysoft - format: 4 disks, cdrom - condition: good (a500), mint (cdtv) - rarity: uncommon

The Amiga version comes in a decent large retail box


Some CDTV versions are so proletarian that they don't even come with a front / back cover...and don't ask me why! Warning: apparently, this CDTV disk is not entirely compatible with the CD32. I have heard from various sources that the game loads but controls are messed up.


Save the princess from Evil...where did I hear this before?


WOTD is a stylish SOTB clone. Same great graphics, same insane difficulty level...


As soon as the game starts, you are in for a hell of a ride!


The enemies animations are excellent!

Review - Tons of parallax scrolling and a great use of colors don't necessarly make for a great game.

As an arcade/adventure that follows in the footsteps of Shadow of the Beast, it certainly looks impressive but unfortunately gameplay is just as hard and not as catching as Psygnosis masterpiece.

On the bad side, Wrath of the Demon's gameplay is weak because controls are kind of unprecise and sloppy.

Also, levels are definitely too long for the most part and respawning enemies aren't the most fun concept invented in videogames.

But sure the graphics are truely impressive, sprites are big and well animated while the music is quality stuff, again very reminiscent of Shadow of the Beast.

As a tech demo, this game showcases the technical capabilities of the Amiga 500 like few other games. It is just unfortunate that it doesn't play as well as it looks and sounds...

This game came out in 1990 on Amiga and in 1991 on PC. The CDTV version is basically identical to the Amiga verssion and was released in 1992. There should also be a rare c64 version and an Atari St version.

Bottom line: A very impressive looking Shadow of the Beast clone with exceptional graphics and music but weak controls. Still deserves a high grade for its astounding technical qualities...7/10










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