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Wings of Death

version: pal (de) - year: 1990 - developer: thalion - publisher: eclipse - format: a500, 2 disks - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

Review - Developed by talented German code-shop Thalion, the same company that created the amazing Lionaheart, Wings of Death (WoD) is a competent vertical shooter which remarkably stood the test of time. It probably is the best example of this genre on the Amiga, along with Hybris and Battle Squadron.

What makes WoD different is the original weapons system. Depending on the kind of weapon you pick up, the actual creature you control will look and play differently. The butterfly for instance is small and very fast while the dragon is bulkier, slower but more powerful. This aspect gives WoD an extra layer of depth, forcing you to quickly adapt to new and evolving threats.

One thing which left me a bit perplexed is that after each stage, you'll reset to the basic weapons no matter how powerful you were. This is a bit cheap but luckily, even the basic weapons can be used effectively and it doesn't take much time to power up again.

The colorful graphics, and busy levels are for the most part well drawn although some of the bosses look slightly odd (and a bit silly). The scrolling is smooth although I must say that on the Amiga, vertical scroll is never as good as horizontal scroll for reasons I can't explain. The music is very catchy and inspired and really enhances the atmosphere generated by the fantasy graphical theme. Add to the quality audio-visuals the compelling gameplay and the fair difficulty level, and what you get is a little classic that you should track down and add to your Amiga collection as soon as possible!

In a word, this is the 3rd best vertical shooter on the Amiga after Battle Squadron and Hybris!

Bottom line: One of the best vertical shooters on the Amiga...8/10










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