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version: pal - year: 1990 - developer: dinamic - publisher: dinamic - format: amiga, 1 disk - condition: near mint - rarity: hard to find

Review - Satan is a weird game. It is split into 2 separate quests which must be completed in a certain order.

The first part of the game sees you in control of a warrior and is basically a clone of Capcom's Black Tiger while the second part sees you controlling a wizard and your goal will be to save at least one prisoner and defeat the 10 forms of Satan.

The cosmetics in this game are a mixed bag and so is the gameplay. The nicely detailed backgrounds and the cool weapon system are a bit let down by the jerkyness of the scrolling and by the sucky gameplay in the second part of the quest which is too hard and not very fun.

Satan could have been better than Black Tiger but as things stand, it's just a less-inspired clone.

Bottom line: an interesting action / platformer with uneven gameplay and graphics...6/10











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