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version: pal - year: 1990 - developer: rainbow arts - publisher: electric dreams - format: c-64, tape - condition: mind - rarity: hard to find oversize box version




Review - Competent port (considering the hardware it runs on) of Irem's top-notch coin-op shooter. Very nice audio-visuals only let down but the excrutiating loading time. I used to be pretty patient back at the time I guess.

Bottom line: a very nice port for the C-64, coded by Manfred Trenz, the man behind Katakis. Interestingly, Katakis (which came out on C-64 before R-Type) was initially pulled off the stores because of a lawsuit from irem who considered the game to be too similar to its game. Such a good job was made with Katakis that Manfred Trenz was asked to handle the C-64 port of R-Type...9/10










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