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version: pal - year: 1995 - developer: audiogenic - publisher: audiogenic - format: a500, 2 disks - condition: near mint - rarity: hard to find

The A500 swan song?


Review - Odyssey by British developer Audiogenic Software Ltd is a very obscure title that came out very late on the Amiga life-span: 1995! By that time, the PS was out and 3D was raging across the industry. In a fading Amiga market devoured by piracy, Odyssey passed by overlooked. Don't let the cheap packaging fool you.

Odyssey is a great little platform game in the tradition of the Amiga platformers. The game only requires a regular Amiga 500 equipped with 1 meg of Ram to run, so it actually doesn't use the newer AGA chipset. But this doesn't really affect the quality of the graphics since the game is colorful, the scrolling is convincing and the character's animation is really well done.

The sound effects are also very well reproduced and give an additional layer of depth to the experience.

Game-play remains faithful to the typical platform games of the early '90s meaning that it can be frustrating at times due to the unfair difficulty of certain situation. As you collect crystals in the different worlds, you acquire the power to morph into different creatures (a bird, a boulder etc) and this allows you to reach previously inaccessible areas. There is a fair amount of switch-pressing in the game so if you are allergic to that, you might want to stay away from Odyssey!

All in all, Audiogenic's effort comes as a welcome surprise since only recently I became aware of its existence. Playing it brought me back to the naïve golden age of 2D platforming and for a while, it provided an interesting diversion between one 3D game and the next.

Bottom line: obscure yet well crafted ...7/10










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