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Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

version: pal, map and knightmare demo missing - year: 1990 - developer: mindscape - publisher: mindscape - format: a500, 3 disks - condition: good - rarity: very


Some of the enemies can be pretty tough at first. Practice will help you overcome even the strongest one of them


This is what happens to people who mess with the wrong knight!


Moonstone's game world. You start on one of the 4 corners and your objective is to collect the 4 keys. Beware of the red dragon. If he crosses your path, you will have to face his wrath!


The red dragon is huge and very strong but still, he isn't immortal! Great treasures await for the knights who are brave enough to defeat him!


Hint: position yourself directly under his mouth when he spits fire...... and use the overhead swing repeatedly to kill him!

Review - "The gods pause for a moment to contemplate your fate..."

Mindscape action RPG is a very original take at the genre. In Moonstone, you basically have to chose among 4 possible Knights and your goal is to collect 4 keys (or moonstones) to be granted access to the valley of the gods, where you will have your final confrontation. Each moonstone is hidden in one of the 4 main regions of the game world and it is up to the player to discover in which lair they are hidden.

Throughout your quest, you will have to compete against 3 other knights that will often decide to challenge you in a deadly duel. Of course, some magic items will be available for you either by defeating opponents or by shopping in some towns. There is one magic item that lets you avoid duels for example.

Moonstone graphics are very well done. The detail of the sprites on screen is outstanding! Tons of animations characterise each of your moves while enemies are also very neatly animated. There is also a generous amount of blood&gore displayed on screen and excellent fatalities with nasty decapitations!

The music&sound-effects are totally appropriate since they contribute to create a magical atmosphere of mystery and danger. Monsters grumble, groan and moan in a very worrying and convincing way while the introductory sound of the drums add some drama to the incoming battles.

The main events in the game are usually unfolded through the use of clever cutscenes that increase the sense of involvement that one feels when playing the game.

Now I would like to spend a couple of words on some problems I had with the game. Moonstone has been known to be 'infested' with bugs and unfortunately, I must say that to some extent, this is true. The 1st time I loaded it, I was greeted by a guru meditation screen but after reloading it for a second time, I played through the game for over 3 hrs straight without having any problems. At one point though, after countless disks swapping, one of the locations in the game didn't really load properly so I understood right there that I had to hurry up and get to the final confrontation if I wanted to see the ending. By then, I had already collected all of the moonstones but I was building my stats up for the final boss. After playing the boss a couple of times (and being defeated beyond redemption), I was getting ready to face the damn she-bitch for the 3rd time when I was directed to a guru meditation screen again....Needless to say that after over 3 hours of playing I got VERY upset...but then again, this game was known to have this kind of problems.

Despite this, Moonstone, acquired a loyal fan base and became a cult abandonware amiga classic that sells on ebay for more than one would expect! Just imagine if this game had been released on Megadrive or even better, on SNES..

Bottom line: a cult amiga-only action-rpg who's only fault is to be buggy....8/10










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