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version: pal - year: 1992 - developer: thalion - publisher: thalion - format: a500, 4 disks - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon


The Amiga 500 hardware is supposed to display only 32 colors on screen. Does that look like 32 colors on screen? Obviously the programmers at Thalion's know something the other programmers don't know...


Review - Back in 1992, the Amiga 500 market was dying under the mighty strikes of the Sega Megadrive and the Supernintendo.

The European market was changing. Software houses started abandoning the traditional Commodore market, which was plagued by piracy, and moved to the more lucrative console market. A developer known as Thalion stood against this movement and decided to create the ultimate action / adventure game on Amiga hardware. If sales were to be satisfactory, then Thalion would consider developing the sequel. The sequel never showed up eventhough the game sold quiet well. Nevertheless, Thalion left a mark on every proud Amiga owner.

Lionheart's graphics are from the very beginning extremly surprising. So many colors on screen have never been seen before on Amiga 500! The multilayered parallax scrolling is simply unbelievable while the animations are breathtaking, especially the shooting section when you fly on the back of the dragon later in the game. Some levels seem to get inspiration from other Amiga games of the same genre while other levels will have all sorts of influences, and those castle gates will for sure remind you the cartoon Masters of the Universe with its castle of Grayskull :)

I can feel the Northern European touch in the way the graphics are designed. Very clean, very colorful and absolutely elegant! Arcade / Adventures probably reached the highest level of quality with Lionheart on Amiga. Still shots don't do it justice, because in motion, Lionheart is even better.

As for the music, it is also rather inspired and blend in the rest of the game flawlessly.

Now you might think you have heard this before on the amiga and that at this point the gameplay should be close to zero and dismiss Lionheart as another tech demo. Well, gampeplay actually very good and amazingly addictive. Controls are very precise and responsive and you have a decent amount of moves at your disposal. This doesn't mean it's a walk in the park since the game can be tough but it will never be unfair.

Finally, loading time is very reasonable and OPTIMIZED, meaning you won't have to switch around floppies for 3000 times just to load a level. Lionheart is a milestone in the Amiga era.

Note: There are 2 possible endings that can be uncovered. In one of them, you will be returning the lost lionheart stone to the Kingdom, but for some unknown reason, your girlfriend will remain petrified as the curse won't be cancelled. If you want to see the real happy ending, you must find a lost relic; an enchanted necklace. To do so, you must venture in a secret cave where the artifact resides. The secret cave is hidden in the Lava level. To access it, you must use the 2nd stone block that you will see. You can recognize it because at that point, the path will split in 2. Disregard the one that goes upward and instead use the stone block to travel underneath the hill. To make the block move, you must carefully jump on it while pointing your sword downward. This way, the block will move little by little. Eventually, you will reach the entrance of the secret level which features awesome "Giger-esque" grafx. Upon finishing it, you will receive the necklace. At the end of the game, the necklace will break the curse that keeps your girl petrified and you will be able to rejoin with your beloved princess!

Bottom line: Simply the best action game on the amiga 500....10/10












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