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The Gold of the Aztecs

version: pal - year: 1990 - developer: kinetica - publisher: us gold - format: a500, 2 disks - condition: good - rarity: not very

Review - Indiana Jones meets Pitfall in this platformer with highly detailed graphics and cool music.

Too bad it's totally unplayable. Taking out your gun takes about half an hour and putting it back away takes another half an hour. During that time, enemies can decide to do whatever they want with you, like maybe slap you around a bit or whatever...

Oh and by the way, we are talking 1-hit kill of course... But let's not talk about the fact that it took me 5 minutes only to figure out how to climb a ladder because it would be unfair to the programmers to stab them in the back like that.

Despite this, I managed to see 13% of the game...I felt like I was the ultimate badass for a moment there...not! Still though, it was worth it for its nostalgic value :)

Bottom line: the screenshots look nice and the animations are not bad, but gameplay is just hard because of the slow controls...4/10













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