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The Misadventures of Flink

version: pal - year: 1995 - developer: psygnosis (ex-thalion staff) - publisher: psygnosis - format: cd32 - condition: near mint - rarity: very


Some levels are graphically breathtaking


Occasionally, there are some mild puzzle elements. Here, push the stone to make your way through a pack of boars


The status bar in the CD32 version isn't see through so it limits the viewing field. The effect isn't the greatest either...


This level will seem very familiar if you played Lionheart


Flink semi-official sequel is Lomax, in which you control a Lemming!

Other Versions

Flink (Mega Drive)

Flink (Sega CD)


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Review - Flink is a fantasy platformer with very distinctive graphics which was programmed by the same people who brought us Lomax Adventures on PSone and the excellent Lionheart on the Amiga 500. The same fantasy graphical style has been used here, although the numerous levels present in the game tend to lack a bit of variety. Despite this, Flink is one of the better games on CD32 (which honestly cannot count on many killer games) and certainly one of the rarest in the entire CD32 library.

Flink was released on CD32, as well as on Megadrive/Genesis and on Mega-CD/Sega-CD and given the higher technical capabilities of Commodore's 32bit CD-Rom based console, one would expect this version to be the best out of the 3 available on the market. I couldn't find for sure if CD32 Flink came out before or after the Mega Drive / Mega CD versions but the project might have even been started on CD32 only to be migrated to Sega's console when Thalion finally went bankrupt and part of it got absorbed into Psygnosis. Anyways, the 3 consoles were based on the same family of Motorola processors (68000 for Sega's machines and the more powerful 68020 for Commodore's Cd32), so it probably made sense to port Flink from the CD32 to the Mega Drive / Mega CD.

Shockingly, Flink on CD32 is noticeably inferior to the Mega-CD version! It lacks the Mega-CD exclusive intro and outro sequences, a layer of parallax scrolling in the foreground, the animated clouds in the progress map, it isn't entirely full screen (despite the CD32 exclusive 50/60hz toggle mode) and overall, the graphics look fuzzier (as if they were slightly out of focus) and less colorful than the Mega-CD version! Moreover, it should be noted that the status bar (in the top portion of the screen) isn't integrated with the rest of the graphics, which means it ends up covering part of the viewable field and the effect isn't the greatest to look at…

Also, some levels seem to have been simplified, which means that some platforms and some obstacles have been removed in the CD32 version, so as a result the game is a bit easier. This is maybe the only plus as Flink can be a pretty frustrating game with levels that can be too unforgiving. Compared to the Mega Drive (cartridge) version, Flink on CD32 has at least much better music. In a word, if you are looking for the best Flink version, you should go for the Mega CD version. It is cheaper and easier to find compared to the CD32 version which in turn is slightly easier and definitely rarer.

Bottom line: Graphically well characterized and playable, this is one of the better games on CD32 although it is inferior to the Sega CD version which runs on an inferior hardware....7/10


The progress map in the CD32 version


The progress map in the Genesis / Sega CD version. Notice the animated clouds in the top-right of the screen.


CD32 version: Despite some small differences, Flink on CD32 is basically identical to the sega versions but notice the black borders.


The Mega Drive version and the Sega CD version are really full screen.










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