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version: pal - year: 1994 - developer: terramarque - publisher: renegade - format: a500, 2 disks - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Character design feels somewhat amateurish but is still better than that of Body Blows for instance

Review - Scandinavian developer Terramarque tried to bring to the A500 owners an experience close to that of SF2 on Snes. Back in 1994, console owners could enjoy some of the finest 2D fighting games while the Amiga was still lagging behind.

Elfmania is set in a very cool fantasy universe populated by elves and men. The graphics of the backgrounds have been taken care of in the tiniest details. The floor boosts an impressive number of parallax layers to simulate depth just like in SF2.

Where the game falls short though is in the stiff animations of the fighters. They simply do not have enough frames and this is very noticeable unfotunately.

The music and sound effects are nice while gameplay is OK without being earth-shattering. Terramarque Elfmania is a brave attempt at the genre but it falls short on too many aspects to be considered a real classic. Still worth a look though!

Bottom line: A decent street-fighter 2 clone with a nice fantasy setting. Technically convincing but gameplay is not as good as consoles fighters...6/10











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