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Dragon's Lair

version: pal - year: 1987 - developer: visionary design - publisher: ready soft - format:a500, 6 disks, 1 meg required - condition: near mint - rarity: slight

Review - Dirk the Daring needs to rescue the voluptuous Princess Daphne from the evil Dragon's Lair. Astounding graphics (at least for the time) but excessive loading time. Gameplay? What gameplay?

Make the right moves to finish the animation sequence and get to the next screen. Not sure it's the best gameplay idea but it worked for me at the time. The desire to see the gorgeous cartoony graphics from start to finish was a great incentive. The Amiga port missed a few scenes but still resembled the arcades enough and was league ahead of any other home system.

Bottom line: either you love it or you hate it, although the concept got a bit obsolete nowadays. It is of course preferable to play it on DVD or CD to avoid never-ending disk swapping marathons...7/10










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