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Defender of the Crown

version: ntsc - year: 1991 - developer: cinemaware - publisher: cdtv publishing - format: cdtv, cd32, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: very

















Review - "The exciting days of Yesteryear meet the Multimedia Technology of Today" recites the red text on the cover of the game.

Too bad Commodore's multimedia dream met a premature end, first with the short-lived and over-priced CDTV and then with the unlucky CD32.

But luckily for us gamers and collectors, some nice little games did show up on both machines, and the two episodes of Defender Of The Crown (DOTC) are today both rare and enjoyable.

Actually, DOTC is really hard to find, much harder than finding the second chapter on CD32. There are rumors that say that there should be a version of DOTC II also for regular CDTV, but I have never seen one so I can't confirm.

Anyway, what's new with this CDTV edition? Well, it is similar to the amiga 500 disk version but all the text is now spoken and loading time is obviously much better. I had a lot of fun loading this one again on my CD32, it's just good old fun! Although I was always better at rescuing princesses than at waging war. I did manage to finish this game once though back in the day.

Recently, the DOTC franchise has been re-used to create a sequel for various formats such as X-Box, PS2, PC and GBA so it is nice to know that the industry doesn't disdain digging back into its own history to find interesting Intellectual Property.

Bottom line: exceedingly rare port and one of the few enjoyable games in the CDTV library. Cross-compatible with the CD32 and still great fun to play so many years after its release! 9/10










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