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Conan The Cimmerian

version: ntsc - year: 1991 - developer: synergistic software - publisher: virgin games - format: a500, 4 disks- condition: mint - rarity: hard to find


Conan is in the wicked Shadizar, the city of thieves, to quench his thirst for revenge


The side-view looks good but is as fun playing as being stuck in a traffic jam for 5 hours while having to go pee





Review - There haven't been many videogames inspired from the Heroic-Fantasy world imagined by Conan's creator Robert E. Howard. And the few games that were developed based on Conan's Hyborean Age were mostly mediocre stuff at best and unfortunately, Virgin Games' creation falls right into this category.

Let's start with the good stuff first. The packaging of the game is excellent since right from the great cover design by popular artist Boris Vallejo to the interesting manual of the game full of nicely detailed drawings and interesting info on Conan's universe, it appears clearly that the game is aimed at the fans. The included map of Shadizar is also a nice touch and contributes to recreate a believable universe.

Even the intro is decent in itself. A bunch of deadly knights are shown to menacingly advance. When they reach Conan's village, they slaughter his girl and beat him with a magic spell into unconsciousness. By the time Conan wakes up again, they are gone and he is in Shadizar looking for revenge while an epic music should get the player pumped just about right. When in Shadizar, the game uses a top view. Here, you will have to walk around talking to people, asking for information, collecting items and eventually fight. When you get into a house or when you start a fight, the view switches to a better looking side-view.

Now you are probably asking yourself what could be wrong in this game. Well in one word: loading time. I don't think I have ever played a game that asked me to disk-swap 80% of the time I was sitting in front of the TV but Conan the Cimmerian did. In fact, loading time is so bad and disk swapping is so excruciatingly frequent that you will wonder if there is a game to be played between one disk swap and the next. Seriously, loading has really NOT been optimized at all so the only way to actually have a chance to play the game would be to install it on Hard Disk. The only thing is that I am not really convinced that this game is worth the purchase of a HD. The side-view sequences are choppy and Conan not only moves in slow-mo but he definitely could use some additional frames of animation. To conclude, this game is a disappointment and I would only advise it to die-hard fans of Conan. Also on PC.

Bottom line: a poor game based on a great license....4/10










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