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Camelot Warriors

version(s): european - year: 1986 (1st print) , 1988 (re-release) - developer(s): dinamic (msx), operasoft (c64) - publisher(s): dinamic, mastertronic - format: msx/ c-64, tape - condition: good - rarity: hard to find (1st print), common (re-release)

The cover artwork was drawn by one of the masters of fantasy art, Azpiri, who drew a lot of other game covers. Among his works, he even made a Zelda drawing!


This is a scan of the rare 1st print of the 1986 MSX version by Dinamic. Judging from the screenshots, the MSX version has a different looking sprite compared to the C-64 but I didn't have a chance to load the game cause I don't have a tape recorder for my MSX2+.


When I see this screenshot, I remember the good old days back in 1989 when games didn't necessarily had to be violent and gory to entertain...


Do you see the light bulb up there on the platform?


Collect it and bring it to the druid down there by the cauldron. He will use his magic powers to turn you into...a frog!

Review - "You are about to begin a journey of no return! You must cross the gate of mystery, penetrate treacherous worlds and defeat fierce enemies to discover the secret magic mystery"

Back in the day, when I was probably around 12 or so, I stumbled upon this game without actually knowing what it was. I remember that at the time, in Italy, it was common thing to buy unofficial game compilations at the newspaper kiosks. One could chose among a huge variety of "pirated" Software that was sold out there in the open. Compilation disks and cassettes usually included at least 10 games that were normally sold separately in the shops. For a mere 3 euro, you could bring back to your house tons of games. I remember that some cassettes were Spectrum / C-64 compatible, meaning that one side was for spectrum and the other side was for C-64 users! All this to say that one time, I bought a compilation disk with a game that really impressed me. The game was called Magic Sword, but of course this wasn't the real name. I discovered it to be Camelot Warriors, but this happened many years later :)

Camelot Warriors is an action / adventure game developed by Operasoft and published originally by Dinamic in 1986 and then re-released by Mastertronic in 1988. The graphics of the Commodore 64 version seem a bit spartan, especially if compared to the Amstrad CPC or the ZX Spectrum versions. It seems that it lacks some of the detail of the other versions. Anyway, they are still very effective in depicting a magical world populated by weird enemies. The music is especially good.

The tunes in the beginning and at the end of the quest really manage to set a melancholic atmosphere in a dreamy universe where nothing seems to be impossible. The sound effects are perfect, very appropriate and convincing. Your sword will swing around nicely, and there are appropriate effects for all of the main actions.

Gameplay can be very frustrating, especially because at times, it can happen that you will die 4 times in a row because of a wrongly timed jump. The game will keep resetting to the last jump and all of your lives will be wiped out in seconds! Luckily, this doesn't happen very often…Other than that, controls are very responsive. What I really like about this game is the exploration element. If you don't know what to do, it will take you some time to understand where to go and what to do. Nothing too complicated though, so relax!

To conclude, Camelot Warriors is an excellent C-64 game that I find still interesting to play today. Loading time isn't that bad either (the tape has to reach 54 on the counter for the game to be loaded :) When finishing the game, you will be rewarded with a screen that shows a kid's room and a message will say: "Do not fear Johnnie it was a nightmare". This is such a nice touch. All of your adventure was just a dream, and at the end, you will wake up in the warmth of your little room, which is decorated with all of the artifacts you collected throughout your dreamlike quest...

Bottom line: a shining gem in the C-64 catalogue, where you'll find yourself trapped into a kid's dream...9/10











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