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The Trilogy

Shadow of the Beast A500

shadow of the beast II A500

Shadow of the Beast II A500

Shadow of the Beast III A500



Shadow of the Beast

version: pal, ltd edition - year: 1990 - developer: psygnosis - publisher: psygnosis - format: a500, 2 disks - condition: mint, w/o t-shirt - rarity: oversized box uncommon

Devilish !


Gimme 5!


13 layers of beautiful parallax scrolling!

Review - The delicate shades of the colors melting in the background, the distinctive alien look of the 1st stage, the amazing multilayered parallax scrolling, the mysterious dirigible flying quietly in the background, the fascinating music, the devilish difficulty level and the emblematic main character who is half human, half goat….This game is poetry.

SOTB is very (excessively ?) difficult and frustrating. If you play it superficially, you will hardly finish the 1st level. I have been fascinated so much by this "tech demo" that I made it an obsession to see the ending of the quest. For a month straight, I played the game memorizing the patterns of the enemies and their appearance on screen. At the end of this epic marathon of self-sacrifice, I managed to see the ending of the game WITHOUT the use of the lame trainer. That's what I call dedication :)

Bottom line: An audio-visual marvel which is unfortunately too hard to be fully enjoyed. Inspired many clones and look-alike back in the days, as it was considered a technical milestone on commodore's hardware....8,5/10











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