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Barbarian II

version: pal (fr) - year: 1988 - developer: palace - publisher: palace - format: c-64, tape - condition: mint w/poster - rarity: hard to find complete




Review - The 1 on 1 arena fighting is gone, replaced by a side-scrolling action adventure game.

I remember it being technically amazing on C64. What I didn't remember was the obscene controls, which made the game infuriatingly frustrating. Getting cornered by enemies meant losing a life, after a prolongued beating session where you could only take it like a man...or a barbarian!

Despite all of its gameplay flaws, Barbarian II will always hold a special place in my mind!

Bottom line: the nostalgia factor plays a big role here, but this game is just not good. Nice graphics and animation for the time though, with some hilarious dragon burping action, if you were slow enough to get beheaded! 5/10










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