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Barbarian Le Guerrier Absolu (The ultimate warrior) aka Death Sword

version: pal (fr) - year: 1987 - developer: palace software - publisher: palace software- format: c-64, 1 disk - condition: mint w/poster - rarity: slight

Review - First version I ever owned of this classic 1 on 1 fighting game.

A rich array of moves, 4 arenas and great decapitations made it an instant classic. The model you see on the box was certainly an appreciated extra, as well as the poster which directly targeted teenagers hormones :)

Also, the final battle is still remembered with apprehensive reverence by C64 gamers: the old wizard would greet you by throwing 1 hit-kill shurikens at you while you had to desperately jump and duck to reach him for the final slash See also the Amiga version.

Bottom line: timeless 1 on 1 sword-fighting game greatly appreciated at the time of its release because of the possibility to perform barbaric decapitation moves to achieve instant victory. 10/10












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