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Barbarian II

version: pal - year: 1992 - developer: pandamonium entertainment - publisher: psygnosis - format: a500, 3 disks- condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Review - Barbarian II is the sequel of Psygnosis early action game Barbarian. Again, this game is unrelated to Barbarian II by Palace. This time, the icon-based interface of the first game has been dropped to adopt a more intuitive and more action oriented control interface.

Compared to Barbarian, Barbarian II certainly has better gameplay. Controls are much tighter, although sometimes Hegor will get stuck into enemies or enemy fire and this can become quickly frustrating. Luckily, by rolling off the side or by using the grappling hook to reach higher platforms (if you where able to collect it!), you should be able to get out of these annoying situations.

At times, it happened to me to get stuck in the game because I didn't find the items I was supposed to find and this is a level design flaw that unfortunately hinders gameplay so to avoid that, you should explore each level thoroughly to make sure you don't miss vital items which allow you to progress in the quest.

The audio-visuals are nicely taken care of. The scrolling is smooth and the parallax scrolling works great. Enemies are varied and overall I would say that Barbarian II is technically well done. The amazing cover art is by fantasy art master Chris Achilleos.

Bottom line: It certainly isn't a classic and hardly feels like the sequel of Barbarian but nervertheless it's a well done action / adventure game....6/10











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