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version: pal - year: 1992 - developer: play byte - publisher: play byte - format: a500, 2 disks - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find















Review -The Amiga library is full of astounding games but unfortunately, many of these lack gameplay. Probably conscious of this state of things, German coders from Play Byte decided to create a shooter for the Amiga which felt like a console game.

Right from the title screen with its cool Japanese logo and the amazing anime-style intro, it immediately becomes clear that Apidya is a serious contender. The theme of the game is the insects world and in fact you won't be controlling a space ship but a bee (a bit like in Insector X). Holding the fire button allows for a super shot to be unleashed while the power up system has been borrowed from Gradius. To take another Amiga example, if you played Project X, then you should know what to expect. Apidya's visuals are among the finest I've ever seen on Commodore's machine. The colors on screen are very appropriate, while enemies are varied and the scrolling is very fast. Occasionally there is some slowdown but nothing too annoying luckily. Bosses are big and nicely detailed and flying right into some of them when defeated will grant access to hidden bonus levels.

Some of these bonus stages are amazingly drawn. For example, the first bonus stage features a memorable flight into the clouds with tons of parallax (it's very similar to one of the levels of Steel Empire). To access the coolest bonus level, fly right into the dead rat once defeated (mid boss of level 3) and you'll be teleported to a speed-stage which looks like the unforgettable Level 5 of Gynoug. That's right, living tissue pulsates and you can actually see a gorgeous deformation effect of the entire background!

Another interesting bit is level 4 where the game's graphics will literally morph to look just like a consolized version of the game with rounder sprites and Megaman-like enemies while the uber-mean techno song "James Brown is Dead" will be playing in the background...This game is filled with so many cool references that it's impossible not to appreciate them :)

I must say that not everything is gold though. The main complaint I have is that Apidya is too damn hard because once you lose a life, you'll be underpowered for the rest of the game making progress unjustly hard to achieve.

Also, sometimes it is hard to tell what part of the background-graphics instantly kills you if you crash or run on it and this can be very frustrating, especially the first few times you play a level and don't know it. In the end, Apidya is still a great shooter to have. Loading time is reduced to a minimum so it's well worth playing also to see what the Amiga was able to do when properly programmed...

Bottom line: A solid shmup offering which puts the amiga chipset to full use. Unfortunately, the difficulty is probably too high and this hinders gameplay in the long run.....7/10











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