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Another World

version: pal - year: 1991 - developer: delphine software- publisher: us gold- format: a500, 2 disks - condition: good - rarity: slight


Review - After a few ill-fated attempts such as the quickly to be forgotten Castle Warrior, Delphine Software surprised the world with an incredible "cinematic" experience: Another World.

The excellent intro, the beautiful animations, the wonderful alien atmosphere, and the surprising gameplay all contributed to create the ultimate Amiga classic.

In many aspects, this game could be considered Ico's precursor. No life bar or no on screen meters at all. Just you and the hostile gaming universe. The chasing scene is still breathtaking by today's standards. Later ported on SNES and SegaCD

Bottom line: A memorable genre-defining game, yet so unique it defies any clear classification and in that sense, much better than the semi-sequel Flashback....9/10











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