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Street Hassle aka Bop N Rumble aka Bad Street Brawler

version: pal - year: 1987 - developer: melbourne house - publisher: melbourne house - format: c64, tape - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Review - That's a game it took me ages to find, since I always ever played a pirated version which had a different name. Amazingly enough, this game has actually three different names!

Street Hassle is the original Australian name while Bop N Rumble was the North American name and Bad Street Brawler...I have no clue.

Actually, the version I played back in the day was Bop N Rumble, in which the main hero has longer, curly hair as opposed to short hair in this version.

For the rest, I don't remember any big differences as you'll be walking around the streets doing some serious clean up work.

How about beating the living crap out of armies of Gorillas, blind men, dogs, grannies and the likes, maybe by rubbing their cheecks to death with your bare fists ?!

Presented in cartoon like graphics, Street Hassle is super funny and also very playable. As a side-scrolling fighter Double Dragon style, it is really well done. Big sprites, cool moves which change in every level, tons of frames of animations, this game is a must for beat'em up fans nostalgic of the 8 bit era.

Bottom line: If you thought that the last boss fight against a man on a wheel chair in capcom's Final Fight was tasteless, have a taste of Street Hassle where 'politically correctness' gets flushed down the toilet! 8/10










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