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version: pal (de), first release - year: 1988 - developer: factor 5 - publisher: rainbow arts - format: a500, 2 disks - condition: mint - rarity: very

See also: Denaris (C-64) - Denaris (A500)






















Review - Katakis was developed by Factor 5, the creators of the successful Turrican series. The story surrounding it is really like a soap-opera, starting from the name of the game that, according to Wikipedia Germany, comes from a Greek restaurant found into Düsseldorf's phone book!

Activision owned the rights to port irem's coin op of R-Type on the C64, the Amiga and a few other platforms.

When Katakis was released on C-64 / Amiga, it attracted threats of legal action from Activision, who considered the game to be too close to R-Type.

Eventually, an agreement was reached between Activision and Rainbow Arts resulting in two things:

- Manfred Trenz (the man behind Katakis on C64) coding the C-64 port of R-Type in 6 1/2 weeks
- and
Factor 5 converting R-Type on the Amiga

To further complicate matters, two versions of Katakis were released. The first one on 2 disks and the second one only on 1 disk. The 1-disk version was released later, and is missing a few things, such as the intro loading screen and the related tune, it is also missing an entire level and the boss of the original first level has been altered. The other levels made it to the 1-disk version but their order is mixed up.

Moreover, Katakis was released with a name-change as Denaris outside of Germany because of legal problems, although Denaris would eventually also get released for the German market later on.

The screenshots on the back of this Amiga version actually refer to the C64 version, which looks and feels like an entire different game. Katakis on C64 doesn't play like R-Type at all actually while the Amiga version heavily predates from R-Type. The main ship, the pod, the enemy waves and types, the level layout shamefully copy R-Type.

Despite this, Katakis on the Amiga is one of the better shooters on the machine, and it is certainly worth playing. Just get ready for a tough challenge!

Bottom line: One of the better and rarest shooters for the A500. 8/10










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