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version: pal - year: 1993 - developer: loriciel - publisher: loriciel - format: amiga 500, 4 disks - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find







Review - A big-breasted blonde, a time-space warp, a remote world populated by dinosaurs and overshadowed by an evil and ancient entity...all this told through a beautifully animated intro.

The prospect of jumping into this game sounded really exciting for me but unfortunately Entity is really a mixed bag.

Graphically, sprites are big and well drawn although they tend to lack some frames of animations, especially when our heroine is temporarily flying, she looks as stiff as a tree log!

Backgrounds are generally well done, and they feature a nice amount of detail and color shading, although there is not even a hint of any parallax effect, which makes sometimes identifying platforms a bit hard.

Another thing which left me cold is the headache-inducing scrolling, which seems to be a bit late when you jump and switch direction. The effect looks poor and gave me a headache after some time.

The music and sound effects are really good though. Sometimes, the game will only play atmospheric sound effects, a bit reminiscent of Ubisoft's Unreal. Other times, the game will play memorable and moody tunes, which really enhance the atmosphere of the game.

Gameplay is on the tougher side, with some of the dinos having questionable attack patterns, erratic at best.

I remember being completely in owe when reading game reviews about Entity in the specialized press of the time, but many years later, joystick in hand, Entity lost a lot of what made it special.

Bottom line: Atmospheric side-scrolling action/adventure game which aged a bit roughly. 6,5/10










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