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Conan aka Conan: Hall of Volta

version: usa - year: 1984 - developer: datasoft - publisher: datasoft - format: c64, 1 disk - condition: good - rarity: hard to find

That "Famous Faces" label could not be any more appropriate...


...as Arnold Schwarzenegger would eventually become Governor of the state of California

Review - Challenging action/platformer with puzzle elements which uses the Conan license for no clear reason other than maybe increased sales (how cynical of me!).

Really, this game is not so bad, the inventive puzzles make you almost forget about flickering and borderline unresponsive controls but... where Conan actually fits into all of this is hard to see...

...but maybe you know?! ;)

Bottom line: A decent action/puzzle game which feels completely unrelated to the Conan universe though despite what's on the cover. 7/10










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