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Atari 2600



version: pal - year: 1979 - format: atari 2600, cartridge - condition: unboxed








Review - I finally got a hold of Combat!

I always wanted to get this game since it probably represents the pinnacle of 1-on-1 gaming on Atari 's venerable machine.

For who is not familiar with it, I will just say you basically have one player vs another in an arena that can be more or less complex, depending on the board you are in.

It is possible to choose between 3 kinds of vehicles (tanks, propeller planes or jets) and a huge variety of play modes and level layouts. In some levels, you'll have the ability to shoot your opponent by making your bullets bounce off the wall or in other cases it will be possible to put some spin onto your shots.

Played with a friend, Combat could last forever. If the fact that your sprite has a couple of frames of animations doesn't bother you, then you should have some genuine retrogaming fun with Combat!

Bottom line: timeless fun! 9/10










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