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>> Manga / Anime Art
In this section, I have gathered the art books that deal with Japanese art in general. Most are from famous Anime / Manga such as Bastard!!, Berserk , Ghost in the Shell or Record of Lodoss War to name a few. Some others feature art from famous videogame companies like Capcom, Square or Psikyo. Great stuff!

>> Louis Royo
This Spanish fantasy artist is the fantasy-art artist! I think he is the most gifted western artist in this field. The tormented fantasy / sci-fi worlds he imagines are inhabited by breathtaking beauties and horrendous beasts. Gothic atmospheres intermingled with post-industrial settings are a sight to behold!

>> Miscellaneous Fantasy / Sci-fi Art
In this section, there are books featuring great works from artists such as Simon Bisley, Giger, Caza, Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Rodney Matthews and Estaban Maroto (and many others)! Many of this guys have literally shaped the genre with their talent and their vision.










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