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Warriors of Fate aka Tenchi Wo Kurau II

version: bootleg - year: 1992 - developer: capcom - format: pcb - condition: good - rarity: slight

Are you ready to undertake a huge quest in main-land China?


I think we might have a problem....


nice character design


I wonder what is the message he wants to transmit?

Review - 2D scrolling beat'em up set in medieval China, sequel of Dynasty Warriors (Tenchi Wo Kurau in the East).

Pick your chatacter from five selectable ones and unleash hell upon your opponents.

The graphics are typical Capcom style of the early 1990s. Very nicely drawn backgrounds, nice characters animations and varied enemies. Colors are well chosen, and almost bring the scenario to life.

The music and sound effects are appropriate for this kind of game but I don't think they stand out particularly.

Gameplay is maybe the strongest point of the game. You can chain moves to some extent plus there is the option the ride horses etc which is a nice addition to the whole deal. What is striking is that some of the enemies seems to be directly lifted from Final Fight. Sure, with a little make up, Capcom was able to disguise this but the enemies' attack and defence patterns are still identical!

When it comes to recycling code and ideas, Capcom fears no competitor!

Warrior of Fate has been ported to Sega Saturn in Japan under the name Tenchi Wo Kurau II.

Note This bootleg doesn't have the suicide battery problem, for obvious reasons...

Bottom line: Final Fight in medieval China...7/10











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