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Wizard Fire

version: usa (english text / english and jp speach) - year: 1992 - developer: data east - format: pcb - condition: good - rarity: very

Ok so this is my set up. On the left, you can see Wizard Fire running on my TV screen via a Supergun. Please notice the home-made wooden shell to protect the pcb from dust and damage :)


I just turned the power on....


and here comes the intro with some corny fantasy story telling


and finally; here comes the title screen


Lovely isn't she? Too bad she has a Japanese male voice...


I think this boss is supposed to be some kind of Zombie Tree that grows in ancient medieval lands


I love the manga interpretation of western Fantasy


Review - Sequel of Dark Seal, this game is also known as Dark Seal II. Rumored to have a production run of only 100 pieces, this board is difficult to come by. I must say that I somewhat doubt that only 100 pieces were made though...anyway I was lucky enough to find one in a warehouse.

This game is an isometric hack'n'slash set in a medieval fantasy world. You can pick from the usual array of fighters before undertaking your mission Graphically, it is definitely improved over the prequel. Especially magic attacks are very spectacular. If I have to make a comparison with Light Bringer (very similar game concept) I would say that the latter is technically superior though. One thing that I thought was really badly done is the mist effect though...the grafx look so horrible that I thought something was wrong with my board!

The music is in my opinion decent, without being memorable. What is really strange is that there are cut scenes between levels where random digitized voices (in English) will be mumbling about stuff. It seems they are more of an afterthought than anything else. Sentences sound incomplete and kind of random. This made me think that if the board was indeed produced in extremly limited quantities, then the batch produced could have stopped at the prototype stage...

Moreover, what is really hilarious is that when you select a character, no matter the sex, it will say something in Japanese with a male voice (!?!) The first fantasy slash'em up with transvestites? Gameplay is pretty addictive especially if you enjoyed Dark Seal. Compared to the prequel, Wizard Fire is more playable. The game mechanics are basically still the same, but everything is better. On a final note, , apparently the game is now emulated so I got some screenshots BUT I also decided to use the built in camera of my cell phone to take some pics myself. The quality is of course not spectacular but I still don't own a proper digital camera so this will do for now!

Bottom line: uber-rare sequel of Dark Seal, better in every way! 8/10











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