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Rastan Saga

version: jp - year: 1987 - developer: taito - format: pcb - condition: good - rarity: slight


"This is a chronological history
of a barbarian who dared to challenge."

"I used to be a thief and a murderer
otherwise I could not survive in such
difficult times. Sit beside me and
listen to my story of days full of

"I succeeded in obtaining the consent of
the princess of the kingdom CEIM to
exchange the dragon's head for all the
treasures of the empire. I started my
quest to the dragon's lair." *

* From Rastan Saga's intro


Review - My long black hair fly over my shoulders, as I jump from one rope to the next slaying demons from hell with my enchanted sword. My muscles grow tense while more of these abominations try to feast on my flesh. As my own sweat feeds the ground I step on, I realize my mission could be harder than I thought....

Rastan Saga, with its digital Conan-like barbarian, is engraved into videogames history. The golden age of videogaming was a wonderful time and Rastan was its king!

Bottom line: A true masterpiece of the early days, timeless as the story it tells....10/10











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