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Lightbringer aka Dungeon Magic

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: taito - format: pcb - condition: good - rarity: very

Crowded...check out the detail of this screenshot!


"For the power of Grey Skull!"


"Hey where are you running?! I am not done with you yet..."


When diplomacy fails....


Do you see the old man in the green robe? Well, he will flood you with tons of japanese ideograms which I have no clue what they could possibly mean so the best strategy to get him to shut up is to start hitting him like there is no tomorrow :)


Western Fantasy setting, manga style...unbeatable!

Review - This isometric Fantasy beat'em up runs on a Taito's F3 board.

As usual in this type of game, you will have to save the classic princess in distress. You can chose from 3 characters with different abilities to undertake the quest.

Graphically, Taito did a very good job since characters are well animated and enemies are somewhat varied. The backgrounds are very detailed and you can interact with most of them. Occasionally, you will have to pull/push switches in order to progress or find secret areas.

The music is typical of this kind of game and actually, it is worth listening too. Gameplay definitely flies at high levels. There are multiple paths you can take to reach the end of level bosses so it makes it interesting to explore all of the possibilities. Collision detection is flawless!

All in all, I think that Light Bringer is an important addition to any gamer's collection.

Bottom line: a great isometric action game with very detailed graphics. 8/10











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