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Gaiapolis aka Entapous

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: pcb - condition: good - rarity: very

I was very surprised when I first saw Gaiapolis and I realized Konami programmed it


Bosses always have two forms so beware


Magic attacks are a sight to behold


In the last level, there is an awesome parallax effect of the sky visible through the transparent glass floor...Incredible stuff!

Review - Gaiapolis is basically an overhead hack'n'slash with RPGs elements.

In other words, it could be described as a fantasy action / adventure game. It is hard to believe that it came out from Konami because it's not what you would expect from them!

Graphically, this game impresses right from the start. Characters are big, well animated and they move at ease in the wonderful backgrounds, that are partially destructible. Colors are put to great use while there are nice special effects like rotations etc sprinkled here and there throughout the levels.

The music and sound-effects are well done, never irritating. They manage to give to the game a great sense of undertaking a quest.

Gameplay is excellent, especially in the 2 players mode.

All in all, Gaiapolis is not a particularly innovative effort but the cosmetics are certainly refreshing. This game put other similar games like for instance Vandyke to shame, in terms of graphical quality and Gameplay. In one word, this board is highly recommanded if you can find it!

Bottom line: an obscure fantasy themed vertical scrolling beat'em up with a charming atmosphere and great production values. 8/10











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