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Gaia Crusaders

version: jp - year: 1999 - developer: noise factory - format: pcb - condition: good - rarity: very

The art for the game. Not bad at all!


This is the intro. Something must be done (I am not sure what needs to be done, so just to be on the safe side, I would recommand to beat the crap out of just about anything that shows up on the screen) Actually the version I own is slightly more intelligible since it is supposed to be in English or something similar to English...Sometimes, verbs will be missing from the sentence, so it's not quiet obvious to understand the message hehe. But the story is so simple that even without verbs, it's not too hard to understand. You basically have to reunite all of the lost fragments of the Gaia gem that are scattered throughout the game. Once the Jewel is complete, you will face the ultimate baddy. Obviously you will have to rid the Earth (or Gaia) from his bothersome presence. Good luck!


M98 has a very cool design but dreadful animations that has been done this way on purpose. She actually walks like C-3PO from Star Wars...


Enemies A.I. is admittedly low. To compensate that, Noise Factory thought to throw tons of enemies at you. Quantity vs quality... Honestly I would choose quality


Bosses are usually not too hard. It is only a matter of understanding their pattern

Review - 2D sidescrolling fighting game made by the guys who programmed Sengoku 2001 on Neo-Geo.

You can pick from 5 fighters that will later become 7 and fight your way through every level until you reach the end of level boss. It is a pretty straight forward fighting game that somewhat reminds me of the 1st Sengoku although this game shares more than an element with Sengoku 2001.

Actually, Sengoku 2001 should have been called Gaia Crusaders II. Some of the enemies are almost identical plus the game develops in the same way (joining of additional selectable characters throughout the game, etc).

Graphically, even if the game is older than Sengoku 2001, I think it is better. Sprites are decently animated (with maybe the single exception of M98...), and backgrounds feature a layer of parallax scrolling. I have to say that some additional colors would have certainly benefitted to the look of the backgrounds.

The music is maybe the best part of the game. Eerie music, involving as it should! It ranges from some mystic Far East tunes to Egyptian melodies all the way to R&B and Rap!

Gameplay is definitely good. Collision detection is very precise and moves are easy to perform. Using a combination of buttons, you can use special attacks and magic. There is even a way for your character to transform into a more powerful combatant but I didn't find out how to do that(yet).

Also, every selectable character has its own special moves and combos. Characters differentiate themselves enough resulting in an increase in re-playability.

On a final note, this game suprised me for its qualitative standard, that is definitely a step above the more recent Sengoku 3.

Bottom line: an arcade-exclusive and obscure 2d fighting game which has its inspired moments. Worth discovering. 7/10











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